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Framed Mandalas

I have many pieces framed up and available to ship immediately. All are printed on beautiful watercolor paper and are conservation framed using acid-free materials. Each piece is glazed with UV acrylic to protect your art from sunlight. Frames are of gallery quality with nicely mitered corners. An artist statement describing my inspiration and process is included on the back of each piece with a small copy of the original photograph I used to create it. Please contact me regarding custom orders.

Mandala Prints

I have a large collection of mandala prints available on watercolor paper. Each is packaged loose in a protective sleeve on backer board and comes with a round-cut mat. I don’t mount my prints, which allows you the option of choosing a different mat color when you have your piece framed. Most of my mats are white or a nice warm buff color. Please contact me for custom printing of any piece you see on backorder or in the gallery.

Framed Art and Prints

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