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$4 Mandala Sticker Sale!

All 4″ mandala stickers are on sale for just $4. Price includes first class postage in a stamped envelope. These vinyl stickers are indoor/outdoor, so great on a journal, cup, kayak, or bumper. Four designs are currently available, including three nature mandalas and one to honor the band Phish.

$2 Affirmation Card Sale!

All in-stock affirmation cards are currently on sale for only $2 each (50% off the regular $4 price.) It’s a great time to stock up on your favorites, which are being discontinued in their current wonky size (4.61″ x 7.17″) to make way for true 5″ x 7″ cards that will be much easier to pop into a frame. Sale is limited to stock on hand.

$12 Chakra Card Sets!

Chakra Affirmation Card Sets are on sale for only $12 (regularly $20).  There are only a few sets left, so grab these while you can. This set will be replaced in the future by a collection of truly 5″ x 7″ cards.

Ellie’s Story – Books 1 & 2

The first two books in my Ellie’s Story Series are available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. Or you can snag signed copies directly from me. “Giving Voice to Dawn”, the first book in the series, opens the tale of a woman on a mission to find her voice, her purpose, and her passion. The story includes time-slips that take Ellie back to a previous life during the American Civil War, and help her untangle herself from some old karma. The second book in the series, “The Lion’s Apprentice”, continues the story on the battlefield at Gettysburg, where Ellie confronts tragic decisions made during her previous lifetime and reconnects with an old friend who takes her on a magically wild ride.

$1 Retired Cards

There are only a few retired cards left, so come and get them! They include short lines of poetry on the fronts with original photos and origin stories on the backs. Now’s the time to scoop up a few favorites.

$2 Holiday Cards

Holiday cards, including all current stock of “Holiday Jester” and “Regal Christmas”, are on sale for only $2. Limited numbers of both designs are available (regularly $4 each).

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