The Writings of L.S. Gribko

Author of the visionary novel, "Giving Voice to Dawn"
Foggy Day at Devil’s Den

Foggy Day at Devil’s Den

The Photo. I shot this photo of the artillery position atop Devil's Den at Gettysburg National Battlefield on a foggy Monday. It was right before noon on March 27, 2017, to be exact. I wasn't really planning on spending time around Devil's Den on this particular trip...

Beautiful Death:  Neonicotinoids Unmasked

Beautiful Death: Neonicotinoids Unmasked

Spring Flowers, Buzzing Bees, and Nerve Poisons As the sun comes out to melt the snow and spring planting mania builds, I wanted to share some information about neonicotinoids.  If you’re now scratching your head wondering what a neon-icky-tinoid might be, the simple...

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