Welcome to Milkweed Rising Studio, the transformative lair of author and artist, Linda S. Gribko

Come inside and you will find...

Visionary Books

 Giving Voice to Dawn, a novel that just might convince you to reach up and grab that comet streaming past with your name on it.

Spiritual Art

Art that carries the spirit of Nature and place, including mandalas to decorate your space and provide a focus for contemplation.

Transformative Writings

Words for you to enjoy and ponder, including essays, poems, and Hawk Finds Her Wings, the blogged prequel to Giving Voice to Dawn.


Photographs that celebrate the vibrant colors of wildflowers, the play of light on landscapes, and the battlefields of the American Civil War.

Unique Shopping

 An online shop where you’ll find a quirky collection of products and art pieces that are never random, always interesting.

Photo of a vision board with a young red fox staring out at the viewer.

Creative Workshops

Workshops for people looking to expand. Go on a wildflower photography adventure, create your own inspirational art, write a poem or two.

Because everyone could use a little extra joy on their journey.

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