Nature Mandala Art

Creation of these mandalas is a mediation practice for me and, although they’re also decorative, I hope others also use them for meditation. There’s peace, light, and a sense of stability to be found in their depths.

Each mandala begins with a photo from nature. Flowers are my favorite photographic subject, but, I also love insects, trees, the sky, and tiny green worlds found close to the ground. I create the mandala form digitally, using a wedge of the photo and a bit of geometry. Many people notice these pieces resemble kaleidoscopes. This is for good reason, as each includes a mirror image repeated eight times to suggest eight spokes of a wheel. The number 8, being infinite is chosen intentionally, as is the round shape of the pieces. Each represents the infinite Universe with no beginning and no end.

Many of my pieces are available in the online shop as matted prints and art cards suitable for framing. If you see a piece in the gallery  not offered in the shop, please contact me and I’ll print it for you as a custom order.

I wish you great joy,




A selection of prints and art cards suitable for framing can be found in the online shop. Custom orders are accepted.

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