Milkweed Rising Studio is the creative cauldron of author and artist, Linda S. Gribko.

Come inside and you will find…


 Giving Voice to Dawn, a novel that just might convince you to reach up and grab that comet streaming past with your name on it.

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Art that carries the spirit of Nature and place, including mandalas to decorate your space and provide a focus for contemplation.

Nature Mandala Gallery

Unique Shopping

 An online shop where you’ll find a quirky collection of products and art pieces that are never random, always interesting.



 Photographs that celebrate color and the play of light on both broad landscapes and tiny bits of Nature.

Wildflowers of Wyoming


Words to ponder that I hope inspire you to look inside, scratch your head, celebrate, and take flight yourself.

Philosophical Blog Posts



Publishing Services

 Coming Soon! Affordable publishing services to assist you in loosing your own book upon the world.

Interior Book Design
Self-Publishing Services



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