Notes from Yellow Bird’s Rest

Evil Olive tomato. Whole fruit is shown. Olve green skin is streaked with yellow and red.

Evil Olive Tomato – A Flavorless Beauty

Evil Olive cherry tomatoes deliver a surprise – bright red interiors encased in olive green shells. They do not, however, deliver on flavor.

Black Walnut – Battling a Natural Born Garden Killer

Black walnut trees are armed with a substance that kills their competition, including your tomatoes. I share my experience with this natural born killer.

Bee mandala art titled Disco Ball features eight fat bumblebees in a circle, facing the middle. Piece is primarily pink with bright yellow baubles and lights.

Disco Ball – A 2022 Remix of Bumblebee Waltz

Introducing Disco Ball, a bright remixed version of one of my first bee mandalas.

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