Giving Voice to Dawn

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I believe that Giving Voice to Dawn could (and should) hold a place in the spiritual seeker’s library beside [Carlos Casteneda’s The Teachings of Don Juan and Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior] and such best-sellers as Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. It resonates with the messages of contemporary adept spiritual practitioners and lecturers such as Caroline Myss and the late Wayne Dyer, offering numerous pathways to enter its fields of wisdom no matter where you are on your journey.

Joey Madia

Reviewer, Literary Aficionado

Book Description

“Believing in reincarnation is so much kinder, you know.” I was pressed into a window seat on a DC Metro train screaming along the Red Line from Montgomery County to downtown when Mick dropped his bombshell in my ear. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and glanced around. Was anyone else hearing this conversation? Was anyone staring?

So begins a magical journey of self-discovery and coming home that transcends the ordinary to include a gang of quirky guides, insightful Spirit Animals, passionate ancestors, and a karmically connected cast of friends and family members whose lives appear to be simultaneously rattling apart.

The narrator of the story, a woman plucked by the Universe from the cubicles of Corporate America and plopped into the mystical crease between this world and that, is numbed by an existence that’s not fulfilling and befuddled by a grief that she can’t explain. Plagued by strange dreams that seem to point toward a long-forgotten mission, she sets out to unravel the mystery of a tragic past that has stolen her joy and muted her voice.

Front cover of Giving Voice to Dawn.Nudging the narrator along on her journey is Mick, the wise mentor with gentle attitude who’s inserted himself into her daily commute. Driving the SUV into adventure is Neil, her quick-witted buddy from work with an aching void of his own to fill. With their heads together and Neil’s foot on the gas pedal, they hurtle into the future by way of a wild trip through history.

Part parable, part imaginative adventure, part historical romp, Giving Voice to Dawn is a fast-paced and frequently hilarious spin through awakening that speaks to every seeker who’s ever asked, “Why am I here? What’s holding me back? And why is that crow looking at me?”

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