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Thank you for your purchase of a North Node Reading.  I am honored that you have chosen me to help you gain insight while walking your path.

The Instructions.  

  • I will ask the Universe for the message that you most need to hear regarding your Soul’s Purpose and where you are on your Journey, so you do not need to enter questions.
  • Enter your date of birth with year, place of birth (City, State/Province, Country), and time of birth for the most complete reading.  If you don’t know the exact time of day but know that you were born in “late afternoon”, “around midnight”, etc., please provide that approximate information).
  • Make sure you provide the email address you’d like me to use in delivering your reading.

What Will You Receive?  I will email you a detailed written reading and a photos of the card spreads, including a photo of your Power Animal card.  I will also send you your Astrological Chart with Ascendant and Houses.  Your Ascendant and Houses will only be accurate if you know your time of birth–this is helpful info to have but the lack of it will not diminish the value of your North Node reading.

The Disclaimer Again.  Please keep in mind that I am not a licensed mental health practitioner. My services should never be used in place of professional help, especially if you are in emotional or physical crisis. Please consider the results of your reading another opinion or wise advice from an old crone. You are a creature of free-will and you are in control of your destiny through your choices.  The advice I give you is best used as confirmation of “gut-feelings”, identification of opportunities, clarification of present circumstances, or as a spiritual “temperature check” that will give you insight into your path and near-future possibilities.

I’m looking forward to working with you!





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