Swallowtail Butterfly Mandala Card with Transformation Affirmation


Swallowtail butterfly mandala card with a transformation affirmation is printed 5″ by 7″, a nice size for giving, framing, or meditation. Card comes with a high-quality envelope and free shipping. Is a nice acknowledgement or encoragement card for anyone going through any type of transition. Can also be used as an altar card during trying times of spiritual growth.

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Swallowtail butterfly mandala card with a transformation affirmation is nice for anyone going through a life change or big change in perspective. Is particularly supportive for someone entering rehab or setting out in a completely new direction. Can also be nice for a recent graduate or someone going back to school. This 5" x 7" folded card is digitally printed using the highest quality pigment inks on silky, bright white, acid-free paper. It comes with a beautifully made, bright white envelope. The photograph I used to create the mandala is printed on the back of the card with the photo location and a special wish for the recipient. Interior of the card is blank and the paper is super smooth, not slick, and takes gel, ballpoint, and other inks well. The card and envelope are packaged together in a plastic sleeve and mailed in a stiffened mailer.

Framing. This card is created using high-quality materials, such as might be used in a museum. The print is sharp, bright, and frameable. To protect the vibrancy of the artwork, I frame using UV glass or acrylic, and I recommend it. If you use plain glass or acrylic, make sure you hang this sweet, little piece and all your beautiful art away from direct sunlight.

About the Art. The mandala art on this card, titled "Swallowtail Power", began as a photo of an Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly taken in one of my gardens on Pleasant Hill, near Morgantown, West Virginia. As spirit animal, Butterfly carries the energy of transformation and a change of perspective. Although many of us live as caterpillars, seeing just a few inches beyond our noses, the brave take on the hard work of transformation, awakening to a pair of wings and the higher, wider view of the butterfly. May you always trust your wings.

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Linda Gribko is an avid gardener, naturalist, author, artist, and photographer living just outside Morgantown, West Virginia, on a one-acre property she calls Yellow Bird's Rest. She's been gardening since the age of three, when she was put to work plucking rocks from the family vegetable patch, and was gifted her first growlight set-up at the age of eight. Linda is best known for her wildflower photography and the digital mandala art she creates from her nature photos, but is also a mixed media artist and published author. Her quirky first novel, "Giving Voice to Dawn", was published in November 2016 and was followed up with "The Lion's Apprentice" in June 2020. The series follows the magical romp of a woman plucked by the Universe from the cubicles of Corporate America and dropped into the crease between "this world and that" where Spirit Animals carry messages, disembodied voices spout wisdom, and you never know who might show up to walk you back home.

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