Regal Pop Mandala Framed Print (18″ x 18″)


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People often ask if I take photos specifically as material for mandalas. The answer was “yes” in the case of the photo of a fancy red mum that I used to create Regal Pop. As I wandered around the glasshouses with my camera at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA, during the 2016 Fall Flower Show, I was hoping to find flowers with interesting line and texture. I quickly zeroed in on the many mums displayed. The twisted, overlapping petals and complex, pincushion center of this particular mum just begged to be crafted into a mandala, so I photographed it from many angles.

The finished piece is format and looks a bit like a medallion worthy of a castle. It’s part of the Flower Pop collection that I began last year. All my Flower Pop mandalas are identifiable as flowers; what I refer to as reconstructed blooms. The very strong lines and obvious symmetry of this particular piece exude a deeply calming energy that feels incredibly grounding.

Enjoy this mandala as a high-quality 12″ x 12″ giclee print on heavily textured watercolor paper, beautifully prepared in a black wood frame with round-cut, deep red mat and UV acrylic glazing.  The finished size is 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″, including the frame; big enough to allow you to dive in and really enjoy all the fine detail of the mandala.  If you plan to use or gift this mandala as a mediation piece, this is the perfect size.  A copy of the original photo and the story of the piece are included on the back.

Linda Gribko is an author, artist, and photographer living in Morgantown, West Virginia. She's known for her wildflower photography and the mandalas that she creates from her nature photos. Her quirky first novel, "Giving Voice to Dawn", was published in November 2016. It's the magical romp of a woman plucked by the Universe from the cubicles of Corporate America and dropped into the crease between "this world and that" where Spirit Animals carry messages, disembodied voices spout wisdom, and you never know who might show up to walk you back home.


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