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A live intuitive reading via Skype using a variety of tarot or oracle cards. I use primarily nature-based card decks. Standard readings are 60 minutes in duration. I work primarily with people who are in the process of making active changes in their lives or have experienced a block and would like assistance moving on. I can also usually help with life purpose and evolutionary advice, and can help you read the energy around different life choices you might make. If you’re not sure exactly what to ask, it’s sometimes very helpful to start with “the best possible message for me at this time” and go from there. Also, if you’re unfamiliar with tarot cards, just let me know at the beginning of your reading and I’ll provide a brief orientation.

What I don’t do:

  • I can’t really help with decisions of daily living.
  • I won’t read another person on your behalf.
  • I don’t predict the future and don’t provide specific dates when things might happen.
  • I’m not a medium and can’t connect you with departed loved ones.
  • I don’t do “emergency readings” and usually limit readings to once every six months.
  • I’m not a mental health professional. If you are experiencing serious depression or distress of any type, you should contact a mental health professional. Please consider your reading “for entertainment purposes only”.

If you would like a reading, please make your purchase and I will email you to set up an appointment time. Most appointments can currently be set up within two weeks of your purchase.

Linda Gribko is an author, artist, and photographer living in Morgantown, West Virginia. She's known for her wildflower photography and the mandalas that she creates from her nature photos. Her quirky first novel, "Giving Voice to Dawn", was published in November 2016. It's the magical romp of a woman plucked by the Universe from the cubicles of Corporate America and dropped into the crease between "this world and that" where Spirit Animals carry messages, disembodied voices spout wisdom, and you never know who might show up to walk you back home.


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