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Author of the visionary novel, "Giving Voice to Dawn"
Beautiful Death:  Neonicotinoids Unmasked

Beautiful Death: Neonicotinoids Unmasked

Spring Flowers, Buzzing Bees, and Nerve Poisons As the sun comes out to melt the snow and spring planting mania builds, I wanted to share some information about neonicotinoids.  If you’re now scratching your head wondering what a neon-icky-tinoid might be, the simple...

The Pink Afghan:  A Post About Love

The Pink Afghan: A Post About Love

A Cardboard Box Stuffed with Love Cleaning out the garage recently, I unexpectedly found a cardboard box stuffed with love.  Tucked inside the impossibly dusty box, which had not been touched since I moved into my house in 1998, was my childhood stuffed panda.  I...

A Tale of Avoiding

A Tale of Avoiding

The Trees and the Gutter I avoid lots of things, but none is more visible to the rest of the world (or at least my neighbors here on Pleasant Hill) than my avoidance of cleaning gutters.  To put this into perspective, I have 3 towering white pine trees very close to...

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