Messages arrive as clouds of indigo sparks—spinning and whirling, ricocheting off one another before scattering in the winds.

These particular sparks flew by in May 2017.

After a brief respite as I traveled, the Weekly Oracle is back. I’m doing this one on a Saturday because we hadn’t had a message in a while; however, they’ll probably shift on back to Monday as I put on my traveling shoes again, which always seem to fit best on the weekends.

This week, I used the Wildwood Tarot this for a Past-Present-Future reading. The first card represents the energy coming into the week, the second card suggests a choice we might make, and the third card suggests the outcome, should we make the suggested choice. I read all cards in the upright position today, because that was the intention I set.

Read my description of the message, but also take the time to feel into the cards and ask for a message specifically for you. I might miss nuances that are important to you as an individual.

From left to right the cards are…

Past – Three of Stones (Creativity):  Oh, how marvelous…we’ve brought into the week the Three of Stones and our ability to root ourselves through our own special expression of creativity. I’ve actually been seeing this in the people I’ve interacted with IRL lately. The creativity has been pouring forth in spades. The thing that’s really special about this card is the message that expressions of creativity are so grounding in the physical sense. When all else seems unsteady and unpredictable, create something that expresses YOU! Nothing feels quite so comforting.

Present – Ace of Stones (The Foundation of Life):  This Ace is the first card in the suit associated with the Physical Realm. In the second position, we’re being asked if we’re ready to do and be in a new way on the Earth. What say you? Would your answer change if I reminded you that this card is also a harbinger of abundance? Of course, there’s always a little fear and trepidation involved with a new cycle (I think particularly in the Physical Realm), but we should be well-grounded in our own creative expression and relatively sure of who we are, so, what the hell?. Let’s do it!

Future – Eight of Stones (Skill) As a potential outcome, we have the Eight of Stones. The message here is one of expressing your SKILLS. So look what we have…the Ace of Stones sandwiched between Creativity and Skill. If we decide to make a fresh start this week, we’ll have the opportunity to showcase our unique skillsets. Now, note that all three cards are in the suit of Stones…we are definitely talking about a focus on the material, health, wealth, and Earthly pursuits this week. Very much a week of placing your feet on the ground and feeling good about your physical path.

Overall:  With the Full Moon in Scorpio this week, I saw some complaints about being forced into the depths for more shadow work. Although my ascendant is in Scorpio, I didn’t really feel the lunar energy that way. I instead felt it very much in balanced with the force of the Sun in the super Earthy sign of Taurus. You can see this balance expressed in the Three of Stones. The woman pictured is going deep and might even be hanging out in the shadows, but she seems to be so very grounded. If you can, roll with that as you move into the coming week and keep your mind and heart open for any opportunities for a fresh physical start. The opportunity to strut your skills is going to feel so good!

I wish you great joy,


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A Big Note About Facebook:  After more than a month of Facebook not loading and me struggling to post photos (and recently to post at all), I’ve accepted the sign from the Universe and am no longer posting a Daily Oracle. As I explained when I posted the final Daily Oracle a few weeks ago, I’d been doing the daily readings since summer of 2014 and was struggling to keep up with them everyday even before the tech snafu. I’ll continue to post Weekly Oracles as I can with some gaps to be expected when I’m on the road. I hope you continue to enjoy these and benefit from them.

A Sequel in the Making:  I’ve “officially” begun work on the sequel to Giving Voice to Dawn. I have no working title yet, but in this book, the gang will be stumbling forward, attempting to implement their newly excavated life purposes. Keep your eyes peeled for updates…this is going to be good (and funny!).


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