Glasshouse Orchids

From the Collection of Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden

I’ve been a little bit of an orchid addict since 2009, when my mother gave me a beautiful pink moth orchid (Phalaenopsis spp.) for my new office. That gift started my personal collection, which sometimes blooms for me and sometimes doesn’t. It also started my obsession with the Orchid Room at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’ve been traveling up to Phipps regularly with my camera to enjoy the orchids for several years now, and on a gray, rainy day in January 2017, finally decided to share some of my best photos. Here they are in all their colorful glory, including a selection depicting part of Phipps’ award-winning slipper orchid collection.

I’ve done my best to identify the genus of each plant, but took no notes while shooting and may have some names wrong. Corrections are welcome!

May this splash of color bring you joy,




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The Glasshouse Orchid Gallery

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