Civil War Battlefields

Through the Lense of Linda S. Gribko

This galley includes battlefield photos, where the primary subject matter is a monument or the landscape. I’ve included a selection of my favorite shots. You’ll notice I do enjoy clouds and moody skies and have fallen into some interesting weather over the years. Of course I try to find unique angles, especially when shooting monuments, but also like to isolate small details, like Lincoln’s hand extended from the front of the Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg or the eagle atop the New York Monument at Antietam.

Several of  these photos became mandala art. The moon over the cornfield at Antietam is the primary photo used to create The Promise, and also shows up in Midnight Reflections and Morty and the Moon. Other of these images appear in the cover art for my novels. I used one of my Burnside Bridge photos and a black vulture from the roof of the Otto House on the cover of Giving Voice to Dawn. The Wounded Lion and a grassy field at Gettysburg are key components of the cover art for The Lion’s Apprentice.

I’ll add to this gallery over time, especially as I visit new battlefields.

Hope you enjoy,




Any of the photos in this collection can be printed or made into a card or custom set of cards. Contact me regarding custom orders.

The Photos

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